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Expunctions. A new day has arrived in North Carolina.

We get a lot of calls from folks who are having trouble getting a job or accepted to an academic institution because of past criminal charges that appear on their record.  In many cases the charges were dismissed but, in others, the person was convicted of some criminal offense.  The popular legal interpretation for years was that a person could only get one (1) expunction in a lifetime for dismissed charges and may have a hard time ever getting an expunction of a conviction.  While generally true, that was not always accurate.  In 2017, the North Carolina Legislature created more opportunities for past charges to be deleted from the court database.  BOTTOM LINE: if you've had charges dismissed (even if you've had a prior expunction) or were convicted of a non-violent criminal offense more than five (5) years ago, you may be able to have those records expunged/deleted from the court database.  Give us a call at 336-869-2700 and let us analyze your particular circumstance at no charge to you!

Marc Tyrey